Mauricio Fuentes


Mauricio Fuentes, painter and drywall finisher for Hoffman Painting and Finishing

Mauricio Fuentes

Painter/Drywall Finisher

Mauricio did a beautiful job. He seemed to take great pride in his work, and rightfully so...I was impressed by how meticulous he was with everything he did. - Joanne S., Kentlands, MD

With almost 20 years of painting and drywall experience working with Hoffman, Mauricio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job. His quiet leadership and expertise over the years have made him an invaluable team member. Mauricio appreciates the variety of each project during his day-to-day and deeply values the team’s consistently high quality of work. 

George’s attention to the well-being of the team and the value clearly placed on each team member have contributed to Mauricio’s tenure with the company. Mauricio’s true passion is creating and delivering excellence in all his work, seeing the client’s reliance on his ability to execute their vision as an honor. When a client is happy, Mauricio is happy. 

When not working, you can find Mauricio exploring the monuments and museums of DC or having a quiet afternoon with his wife and cat.