George Hoffman



George Hoffman III


George is a man of integrity. His employees do quality work, and it has been a pleasure working with them over the years. - Amedee P., Bethesda, MD

George III was groomed in customer relations, and in 1976, began running jobs for his dad, George Hoffman Jr. Taking over the business in 1988, he brought skills in listening carefully to client needs, drawing out their vision, and tailoring each job to the customer's unique specifications. George III oversaw the company's expansion into the D.C. metro area in 1990, and has maintained a continual expansion serving clients throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

With almost 45 years in the home improvement trades, George III and his team have developed additional service offerings, including masonry, carpentry and finishing, to name a few. With almost a century of pursuing excellence in services and customer relations, Hoffman Painting & Finishing enjoys client longevity and high quality results in each project.

The customer testimonials and portfolio demonstrate the excellence and variety Hoffman Painting and Finishing has provided for hundreds of residential clients.

Father of six children and husband of Ellen, his wife of 34 years, George is excited to see his children begin taking a significant role in the success of the business and transition into the fourth generation.