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We believe that your home is a reflection of you and should therefore be something that you are proud of. Our residential painting services will help turn your Chevy Chase MD home vision into a reality.


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Our Residential Painting Process

Our painting team will work with you every step of the way. We not only meet your current needs but also have the vision to see what potential your home has. We have a detailed process that we follow to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

  • Personal Meeting - To give you the best service, our experienced staff will discuss with you the work needed to achieve your vision while also considering any potential complications.

  • Design Consultation Service - If you have any requests, we will go over color trends and design options to improve the project.

  • Preparation - Before starting any project, we'll make sure to protect your home by covering all areas where we'll be working (furniture, floors, fixtures, etc.) and sealing off spaces where we won't be working.

  • Surface Repair/Preparation - We always inspect surfaces for repair needs before taking any further action. This extensive examination allows us to know the best way to move forward in repairing or preparing the surface.

  • Achieving Your Vision - We strive to make your vision a reality through our implementation of the scope of work.

  • Clean-Up - We understand that order and cleanliness are important to you, so at the end of each job, we make sure to thoroughly clean, vacuum, and remove all equipment.

  • Final Walkthrough - We understand that our job is not completed until you are completely satisfied with the work. Therefore, we conduct a final walkthrough to confirm that everything meets your expectations.
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We take pride in being able to serve you when it comes time to make changes or upgrades to your home. At our company, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any job you need done - no matter how big or small. We can help your home feel brand new again with a fresh coat of paint, some updated hardware, or even a complete renovation.


Hoffman Painting and Finishing began in 1922 when George Hoffman Sr. started a residential painting company located in Baltimore, Maryland. George Sr. built his business steadily over time. In 1948, George Jr. joined the team and helped to grow the company even more. George Jr. took over his father's business in 1961 after being trained by the company in plastering and wallpaper installation.

Another George Hoffman, referred to as George III, joined the business in 1975. George was instilled with good customer relations from a young age, even answering business calls on the family business line. George started working for his father during summer breaks in 1975 and joined the business full-time two years later. George III became the company owner in 1988.

George Hoffman III remains at the helm of the company, leading a team of dedicated professionals who serve both residential and commercial clients. The team is diverse in terms of talent and skills, with half of its members having more than 10 years of tenure with the company.

We offer both interior and exterior residential services. Our interior services include painting, carpentry, custom moldings, and drywall.  When it comes to the exterior of your home, in addition to painting and carpentry, we offer pressure washing, staining and sealing, siding replacement, masonry, and more! If we don't think we are the right match for your project, then we will set you up with one of our trusted partners.


With its leafy streets and early 20th-century architecture, Chevy Chase, Maryland, has a wonderfully relaxed vibe. Just seven miles from Washington, D.C.'s neoclassical buildings and historical monuments, this unincorporated census-designated place in Montgomery County is a friendly suburb with plenty to see, do, and experience. The community centers on Connecticut Avenue, which lies north of the District of Columbia, and includes a neighborhood of the nation's capital, which is also called Chevy Chase.

Primarily a residential suburb, Chevy Chase adjoins Friendship Heights, a popular shopping district. It is the home of the Chevy Chase Club and Columbia Country Club, private clubs whose members include many prominent politicians and Washingtonians.

Chevy Chase was noted as "the most educated town in America" in a study conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Education, with 93.5 percent of adult residents having at least a bachelor's degree.  

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