Painting Helipads

Painting Helipads - After

Painting Helipads: Hospital Emergency Helipad Refresh

For healthcare facilities, a well-maintained and up-to-date emergency helipad is critical for patient care. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has very specific regulations for how hospital emergency helipads must be maintained. These regulations require that the helipad be repainted regularly in order to maintain its reflectivity and ensure that it meets safety requirements.

The Hoffman Painting & Finishing team has recently completed a pain refresh project for the emergency helipad of one of our regular hospital clients, Frederick Health. It was a new challenge for us, but the end result made it all worth it- the new paint job not only made the helipad look as good as new, but also ensured patient and emergency response team safety for years to come.

  • This is what the emergency helipad looked like prior to being repainted. Huge portions had faded after years of damage and weathering. The markings had become dull, making them difficult to recognize from the air.

  • Preparation is of the utmost importance for any paint job, in order to avoid premature deterioration and ensure the longevity of the paint. All dirt must be washed, old loose paint scraped away, and the surface swept, vacuumed, and blown clean.

  • With such a large area to cover, we hauled up our power washer to clean the deck and used a leaf blower to clear it of debris. This ensured that the paint would have a smooth surface to adhere to, making it less susceptible to chips or cracks.

  • Due to years of wear and tear, many of the lines and letters on the helipad were almost imperceptible. After we thoroughly cleaned and dried up the surface, our team leader expertly guided the approach on how to accurately paint the hidden lines back on in their proper place.

  • It was a painstaking process, but painting over these faded lines with bright new paint made an enormous difference.

  • Painting a helipad requires precision and a steady hand, especially when stenciling in the markings. Any mistake could result in an accident, so we thoughtfully went through the process and made sure everything was as accurate as possible.

  • In the end, our hard work paid off, and Frederick Health now has a beautifully repainted helipad that meets all safety standards.

Our team has worked together to create a safe and functional helicopter landing space for pilots, hospital crew, and patients. The newfound visibility has helped improve the safety and aesthetics of the emergency helipad, and it resulted in an outcome both Hoffman Painting & Finishing and Frederick Health can be proud of.