Light Pole Painting

Light Pole Painting & Remediation

Fuddruckers in Annapolis, MD

Imagine a family pulls into the parking lot of a restaurant. As they park, they notice a light pole is badly rusted. It’s ugly, an eyesore. Just as the adults are willing to disassociate the low-grade parking lot with the anticipated quality of the restaurant, the kids hop out. Before they know it, their 6-year-old jumps up on the pole and cuts his hand on the chipped paint. Suddenly, a rusty light pole has compromised the safety of their child. Perhaps this scenario sounds far-fetched, but if you look at the condition the light poles on a recent job as detailed below, it’s not that hard to imagine.

  • We worked on light poles located in close proximity to family restaurants and establishments. Seeing the view in the left photo begs the question, "If the light poles are this dirty and deteriorating, what other details might be unkempt?" The exterior of the establishment facilitates one of the first interactions a customer has with a buisness.

  • Rust is not just an eyesore; it shows customers that you might not notice - or worse, even care - about the details. While the experience of driving into a well-kept parking lot may slip into the subconscious of the customer, they are sure to become suddenly aware of glaring rust and decay.

  • No one wants their child touching rust. Caring for customers looks like giving them a good experience from the moment they pull into your parking lot. They smell the pleasant aromas, and they experience a well-kept vibe, from the store sign to the well-kept parking lot.

  • When we fix light poles, we go all in for safety and excellence, with a priority on addressing the details. After renting a lift, we sanded down the poles to remove all the rust, and primed every exposed spot before beginning to paint from top to bottom.

  • Using lifts allows us to reach the very top of some pretty high lights in parking lots. Using road cones helps protect our team and passing cars and pedestrians from harm as we transform any light poles, no matter how bad the condition!

  • It’s hard to imagine allowing a parking lot light post to get to this point, but we’ve seen it more often than you’d think. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen cases where the situation is like this because of a poorly done job by previous companies who have worked on these babies. Sometimes they don’t put in the right amount of prep work to ensure longevity for their restoration.

  • Not so at Hoffman Painting! We welcome the challenge of taking the worst light poles, and making them good as new for years. (Picture taken after spring flowers were planted)