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1st Generation


George Martin Hoffman Sr.
Hoffman Painting and Finishing had its beginnings as a Baltimore-based residential painting and wallpapering company founded by George Hoffman Sr. in 1922. Known for high-quality workmanship, the company offered painting, plastering and wallpapering services. Hoffman is shown here after returning from his military service in France in WW1.

Hoffman Painting and Finishing had its beginnings as a Baltimore based residential painting company founded by George Hoffman Sr. in 1922. George Sr. steadily built his business and in 1948, George Jr. joined the team. Shortly thereafter, doors opened for government work, and in the 1950’s, Sr. and Jr. added projects for the Veterans Administration to their repertoire.

In 1961, George Jr. took over the family business, having been trained up in the company as a plasterer and wallpaper installer. His knack for the business, charismatic personality and desire for expansion led to contracts for local Baltimore restaurant chains, such as White Coffee Pot and Junior’s Doughnuts. Hoffman Painting also achieved the distinction of being the recommended contractor for National Wallpaper Company and Plymouth Wallpaper. The 1960s also saw more government work through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as renovation and redecorating services deployed for high-end organizations, such as The Belvedere and Lord Baltimore hotels and the Martins East and West venues.

In 1975, another George Hoffman entered the company scene; George III. George had been groomed in the customer relations aspect of the business, even as a youngster, answering phone calls on the family business line. George began working summers for his father in 1975 before joining the business full time in 1977.

That was 45 years ago, and with the exception of a brief hiatus from 1986-88 when he worked on the facilities maintenance crew at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), George III has worked with the business full time, taking ownership of the company in 1988. It was at APL that George expanded his  knowledge and experience in the commercial and industrial side, which he added to the successful residential track of Hoffman Painting. In 1992 George further developed the offerings of the company, attending a New Jersey wallpapering school. 1995 marked the beginning of a (ongoing) 25-year run as the subcontractor of choice for remodeling and maintenance of a dozen top national restaurant chains in the mid-Atlantic region. During these years, Hoffman Painting also enjoyed a 15-year alliance with Case Design until the housing crisis forced a reorganization.

George Hoffman III continues to lead the newly branded Hoffman Painting & Finishing, serving a residential and commercial clientele alongside a loyal team featuring diversity of talent and skill, with half of the team members having a tenure with the company of over a decade. A sneak preview will tell you that this company is actively partnering with 2 of Hoffman's six children to take this business into...the 4th generation!

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