Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Chevy Chase, MD / Bethesda, MD

For every home to be prepared for whatever comes, it is important to know how to spot potential problems before they arise. We have helped many customers save thousands of dollars by doing that very thing. The project below unpacks how to spot potential problems in gutter and roof systems. If a gutter or roof system goes bad, it can create a big problem for both the home and bank account, because a defective or old roof, or deteriorating gutter system, can cause leaks in the roof or foundation, mold in your home, or rot in your walls.

  • There are many components to a gutter system. The gutter itself, gutter board, gutter guards, downspouts, flashing, and the gutter slope. While this beautiful home had many good bones, it was in dire need of a third downspout as too much rain often collected on the porch roof, overflowing the gutter and running down toward the foundation.

  • Making sure that your home has the right number of downspouts, and they are placed in strategic locations, is essential! When too much water collects in one spot in your gutters on a regular basis, it can damage the gutter itself and even damage the foundation of your home. Installing an extra downspout on this home will maintain its gutter system for years to come.

  • While extra downspouts might be needed to increase your waterflow and gutter lifespan, keeping them unclogged is an important part of longevity. It is recommended to clean your gutters at least once or twice a year, especially if you have many trees in close proximity to your home. Buildups of foliage and leaves can cause a number of unanticipated problems.

  • When your gutters are not cleaned at least semi-regularly, it could result in replacement of your entire gutter system. Rain water is very acidic, so when the water lingers in your gutters due to foliage buildup, it can rust your gutters and render them ineffective in protecting your home. Not to mention, rusty gutters look terrible!

  • Even if your gutters are clean and you have the right downspouts, it is possible for your gutters to lose their slope over time, and fail to allow water to drain properly, they may have even been installed without the correct slope. One of our clients noticed issues with their gutters and we were able to adjust the slope of their gutter and improve water flow.

  • A bad slope or bad gutter flow can lead to problems beyond the gutter itself. If the gutter flow and gutter slope are ineffective, it can cause rot in the gutter board. Before we were able to fix the slope of the gutter, we had to remove it to access and replace the rotted gutter board. If left unaddressed, rotted gutter boards could lead to leakage and mold inside the house.

  • When we address any gutter problems for our clients, we clean their gutters and often suggest gutter guards and flashing to prevent buildup of foliage and leaves in their gutters. Installing gutter guards can help the longevity of your gutters and save you money!

  • Though not directly related to gutters, conducting regular inspections of your roof to ensure there is no leakage or rot is essential! This home's roof contained what is called a roof pipe house. The pipe was badly rotted and needed an upgrade so mold didn’t grow in their attic.

  • Our crew takes every precaution when working up high… Safety first! After taking off all of the rotted wood, we sealed every possible opening. Sometimes these pipe houses are made of brick, but the mortar becomes brittle and open to leaks. Chimneys and roof piping often need touch-ups to keep water out.

  • Whether we are replacing rotted gutter boards, cleaning and replacing gutters, installing downspouts, or fixing roof pipe housing, we like to know that our client’s homes are well taken care of. No problems with leaks, mold, or any other invasion of mother nature on our watch! We also ensure that their safe space is a thing of beauty to behold!

Yes, the job went well. I am impressed with the quality of the work and the care with which it was executed. Electrical plates were removed and not painted over. Wires, gutters, and windows were treated carefully and not painted over. The cost, considering the quality of the work, is exceptionally reasonable. Please commend your crew.