Exterior Home Refresh

A home after our residential painting services

Exterior Home Refresh

Chevy Chase, MD / Bethesda, MD

  • Before the house was painted using our residential painting services

    One of our 25-year residential customers welcomed a new neighbor to the community. The neighbor happened to be looking for a trusted, quality company to complete an exterior renovation. On the strength of many quality experiences, our longtime customer quickly recommended Hoffman Painting & Finishing with raving reviews.

  • A home during exterior residential painting services

    Following a consultation to hear the vision for the residence, our team got to work with top priorities being safety, cleanliness, and care for our customer and their property. Our team prepared every area of the home with necessary washing, sanding, scraping, priming, and caulking, and prepped for the new shingles and windows.

  • Our painting contractors painting a residence

    The back side of the house featured a relaxing back porch and gorgeous floor to ceiling transom windows. Our senior leadership provided color consultation to our customer to determine a color that would wrap their stunning wood and boral home with the perfect pop of color.

  • A house being painted using our residential painting services

    48 foot ladders are rare and can be difficult to lug around, but it is so worth it! We were properly equipped to bring new life to our customer’s grand chimney which stood above their beautiful side entry, a welcoming archway that was overdue for repairs to damaged paint and color blending on the vaulted ceiling and stately pillars.

  • Finishing touches to a house using our residential painting services

    Once we put the finishing touches on the chimney and entry, the freshly minted paint together with shutters that we attached at the final stages of the project brought zest to the exterior of the home. One of our policies is to give our customers a no-shortcuts finish. As seen in the photo on the left, we take pride in painting high, unseen corners of roofs, or removing gutters to paint behind them.

  • A home after exterior residential painting services

    Because we have the right equipment and a professional team dedicated to safety, we easily accessed the most difficult places as we transformed this residence.

  • A crew member painting a home as part of our residential painting services

    After we washed and cleaned the gutters, trim and all intricate molding, we painted them. The final step was to install state of the art ventilation.

  • a newly painted residence

    What a fresh look! From the lovely bay window, to the dapper shutters, this residence encountered a dramatic transformation. We were privileged to play a part in bringing our customer's vision to life and, consequently, exceed expectations!

  • A home before our residential painting services


  • A home after our residential painting services