6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Thankfully, some things never change. With every gold and crimson leaf that falls to the ground comes a reminder…winter is on the way! The chilly winds that have been blowing forecasting winter’s upcoming arrival remind us to prepare.

We have shared 6 ways to help you make sure your home is ready for the change of the season!

  1. PROTECTION FOR WATER PIPES: Insulating pipes that might be exposed to colder temperatures is critical, as well as shutting off exterior water supplies before any hard freeze. No one wants a pipe to burst!
  2. GUTTER CLEANOUT: Now is the perfect time to clean gutters to prevent winter ice build-up. If your gutters don’t allow rain and melting ice to flow freely, the standing water will likely freeze, which can, in turn, damage your gutters. Contact Hoffman Painting & Finishing For Gutter Cleaning
  3. SECURE OUTDOOR RAILINGS: Before freezing temperatures set in, make sure that your outdoor railings are secure. We have all heard stories of people slipping on ice and taking a hard fall! One of the best ways to ensure that doesn’t happen is securing railings by exterior stairways and – of course – always keeping salt on hand for the icy days ahead.
  4. ADJUSTMENTS TO LOWER ENERGY BILL: No one looks forward to the energy bill during the winter season – unless it is to see how much money they saved over previous years due to better heat retention practices! Here are five energy-saving tips:
      a. Use weatherstripping tape and caulking for any cracks around your windows.
      b. Purchase draft guards for your doors.
      c. Be thorough in locating any heat escapes, or possible entries for cold.
      d. If you have a chimney, consider a chimney balloon or other plan to seal off airflow.
      e. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to set the temperature whether at home or away.

    Remember, the best preparation leads to the best savings in this upcoming season!

  5. INCREASE AIRFLOW: When your home is sealed up snugly, with no ventilation or fresh air intake, it is important to ensure excellent airflow within your home. Maintaining quality air filters – changing them on a regular basis – is crucial to keeping your air clean. Do a little bit of research to find the best kind of air filters for your home and filtration system to help keep your whole family breathing cleaner air all winter!
  6. INSPECT HEATERS AND SMOKE ALARMS:  During frigid winter months, the last thing on your mind might be the risk of a fire, but statistically, more home fires occur in winter months than during summertime. It is important that heating systems are up to date with a yearly inspection to ensure safe and proper function. The inspection should also examine your smoke alarms to ensure they are all functional. If you do use space heaters, remember to place them at a safe distance from anything flammable.

The beauty of the holiday season and precious times with family and friends can be the highlight of our year. These tips are simple but worth implementing – and sharing with others – as your careful preparations can create a welcoming and safe environment in which to enjoy this season. We hope that you have found something here has been helpful for you, and that you and yours will have a safe, peaceful and blessed winter!